Our mission is to create a safe and healthy environment
for our children and provide a piece of mind for the parents.

We understand that every brand new mother faces an intense responsibility to give her children the best possible start in life. But sometimes mothers are so busy trying to ensure their children’s well-being, they forget to enjoy them. There are so many firsts and so little time!

We also understand how important it is for you, as a parent, to be able to protect your children from all the dangers out there and find products that are not only effective, but also safe, convenient, and affordable. We believe every baby deserves to grow in the safest environment and every parent deserves a piece of mind.


Not too long ago AAP recommended against using classic crib bumpers for SIDS prevention. A lot of parents don’t realize that using “pillowlike” bumpers can be very hazardous to children and cause suffocation. However, removing bumpers altogether can also be dangerous. There have been many cases where children will get bruises by bumping on the bars of the crib and getting their little hands or feet entangled in the slats.

We realize that both scenarios are very scary for parents. That’s why we created a product that is ABSOLUTELY SAFE! Our mesh breathable crib liner is designed to prevent the possibility of a baby getting entangled in the slats, while allowing better air circulation and access to reduce the risk of suffocation.